the casting game

even though i have a book to write and kids to raise and laundry to do i am sitting here at my desk googling the pretty that is chris hemsworth. (it’s not because i have a crippling case of writer’s block.)

why? because instead of taking care of any of those things  i’m casting the movie version of inbetween and  i’ve decided he should play alex hilldale.

which brings up the question of who should play the other characters. for example, who is going to play tab bennett, our plucky heroine? not kristen stewart. she bites her lips too much.  megan fox? she’s beautiful but in a way i find extremely frightening. maybe phoebe tonkin who plays faye on the cw’s the secret circle.

[note to self: why do you know that?]

i have no idea who might play robbin turnbough but the part of george bennett will be played by jason dohring – due entirely to my abiding love for logan echols.

Love is Hard

You know how all this romance novel stuff got started? I read the Sookie Stackhouse Mysteries (which, by the way, are in no way mysterious) and thought “I can do that.” It seemed so easy, like a math problem  even I could solve. In my head, it went like this:

1 beautiful (but unassuming) woman
+ 2 gorgeous (and vastly different) men who want her
÷ circumstance
+ danger
+ grope, grind, squeeze
= instant bestseller

Easy, right? Nope. Wrong. It turns out love is hard. It’s hard to be in, hard to hold on to, and really hard to write about.

Would somebody please tell Charlaine Harris that I’m sorry for doubting her.

don’t judge me

i like romance novels. so what? i like the beautiful women, the even more beautiful men, and the boiling passion that spills over into unbridled, mind-blowing, sheet ruining sex; i like the coy words romance writer’s use to describe the female genitalia and their casual use of the word cock; i like the easily surmounted insurmountable differences that threaten to keep the hero from the heroine; and i like how after dealing with any lingering abusive ex-boyfriends / crushing  intimacy issues / vampires, everyone lives happily ever after.

what’s not to like?