At the End of the World

So, according to the ancient Mayans, the world is going to end in about two weeks. And while I don’t believe that we’re 15ish days out from the apocalypse, it has been on my mind. What if the world was going to end? How would I want to spend this time? Who would I want to spend it with? Would I be brave enough to tell the person I’d want to be with? Or would I let myself be sucked into the black depths of space without ever saying, “Hey, I’d like to be holding your hand when the world explodes.” Should I continue to pay my student loans or what? It’s a lot to think about.

Anyway, even in the face of the impending end of the world, the blog tour continues. On Sunday I was at Booked and Loaded for an interview. Click over there to find out about my favorite scene in Inbetween and what weapon I’d choose if I was fighting zombies. (I hope it never comes to that since my plan for zombie apocalypse is sleeping pills. Lots of them. And wine.)

Today I’m at Speculative Salon talking about fairy tales. Please come over there too.

PS: I thought for sure someone was going to ask me why I included that note about The Princess Bride at the end of Underneath, but so far nothing. What gives people? It’s no fun to know stuff you don’t know if I can’t lord it over you. = )