Say Goodbye To Excess Fat

People are continually looking for ways to get rid of the extra pounds they have, resorting to various fake diets, to exercises that are not fit for their health or to “professional” treatments that swear to eliminate all the excess fat, but it is important for individuals to be careful with these procedures.

Although people are eating healthily and exercising continuously, there is a possibility that they may not be able to lose weight, so they opt for cosmetic surgeries that allow them to improve the appearance of their figure, such as liposuction Tijuana.

Just as there is liposuction through surgery, there is also the removal of fat through a non-invasive method, called “lipo-laser.” This technique is responsible for shaping the body in a more straightforward way; stimulating the elimination of excess fat without damaging the tissues surrounding fat deposits. This method is useful to mold the figure, to remove the fat more carefully and to reduce the cellulitis present in the skin; All this was using a laser that penetrates the skin. This procedure doesn’t cause any discomfort.

The general purpose is to cause the adipose to eliminate the content of its structure to the intestine so that it is drained and metabolized later, by reducing the structure of fat cells, it reduces the centimeter of fat in the patient.

This type of laser doesn’t work through heat but uses cold-based technology to penetrate the patient’s skin. There is a big difference between liposuction and lipo-laser; the first is responsible for eliminating fat cells, while the second continues to keep the cells alive. The dislodged fat can be drained by the lymphatic system, this if the person is healthy, encouraging the reduction of sizes. Since it is not an invasive treatment, the patient can continue with his daily activities, without any problem. What is recommended is that the person performs cardiovascular’s exercises to increase blood flow.

Individuals who have undergone this procedure tend to notice that the areas where there were more fat deposits decrease and that the bulges generated by adiposity are gradually disappearing. The skin takes on a better appearance since cellulite is reduced so that the skin looks smarter and more uniform. It is essential to make clear that there is no ideal candidate for this treatment since the lipo-laser can be suitable for all body types.

The results can be noticed from the first session, and the changes can be more significant if the person performs an exercise. Regarding the regularity with which the patient should attend their lipo-laser sessions, they are usually twice a week in a period of four to six weeks, depending on the area, the type of skin and the amount of fat found.

This treatment is suitable for both sexes, so if you want to eliminate excess fat in certain areas and if you need surgery, lipo-laser is definitely the best procedure since it doesnt require rest to heal wounds and is painless. Also, it is a more economical treatment.