The Uncovering: the Ebook

On November 3, 2013 The Uncovering was released as an ebook. So although you’ll have to wait until 12/10 to buy the actual, physical book, you can go over to right now and buy it for your kindle. (As I mentioned before, it’s a different book than it used to be. It’s better. I admit it.)

If you read the earlier version, which you lovingly remember as Tab Bennett and the Inbetween and you don’t plan to read the new one, maybe you can go over to Amazon and write a review for me telling new folks how much you loved reading it. (If you hated reading it, kindly disregard this message.)

In other news, the second book in the series, The Delving, is will be out in the middle of April. You can pre-order it now if you like. I’m not sure when the third book will be out, but I’ll let you know as soon as I do.


Lady Jane’s Salon

Do you live in the New York Metro area? Do you live elsewhere but like me enough to travel? If you answered yes to either of those questions, please come to my first official author event at 7pm on October 7th when I will be reading an excerpt from The Uncovering for the Lady Jane’s Salon romance reading series. You can get all the information here: LADY JANE SALON_Press Release_Oct_2013 I hope you’ll come if you can. It would be good to see some friendly faces in the crowd.

I’m in the process of picking out an excerpt. Suggest something.

The Unicorn

I just found out, via the world’s most reliable source for information, by which I meant Pinterest, that Scotland’s national animal is the Unicorn. I checked on Wikipedia, the world’s second most reliable source for information, and sure enough, this:


Does it even matter if it’s true? It doesn’t, right? And even if it’s not true, let’s just agree that it is. Because I want it to be true. I want to live in a world where the unicorn, symbol of purity, beauty, magic, and innocence, is the animal a nation chooses to represent its spiritual self.

I’m sure there’s a reason of serious, historical importance, one that has nothing to do with the Smendrick the Magician, the Red Bull, or this butterfly, why a nation best known for enjoying a savory pudding made of sheep organs stuffed into an animal’s stomach and boiled for three hours made this particularly dainty choice but, just this once, let’s ignore it.

Scotland is now my favorite country in the world.

Finally, to those of you who are snickering right now because of this definition of unicorn, get your minds out of the gutter!!




The Uncovering

Guess what? Although it’s officially debuting on 10/16/2013, The Uncovering (the book formerly known as Tab Bennett and the Inbetween) is available for pre-order on! Go over and take a look. Maybe pre-order a copy or two. (Or five.) It looks like ‘this:


Pretty, isn’t it? And the cover isn’t the only things that’s different. Working with an editor really helped to give me the perspective (and the motivation) to make some changes that have made the story tighter, faster, and more gripping. Honestly, I couldn’t be happier with the way the revisions have turned out.

Now the big question is this: if you read TB and the InB, do you need to read The Uncovering too?

  • Short answer: Yes.
  • Long (and exuberant) answer: Yes! Yes! Yes! Of course you should read it again!
  • Honest answer: There have been a lot of changes but the major plot is the same and you’ll probably be able to follow along in book 2 even if you don’t.
  • False statement, provided as an answer: In the rewrite, Alex is the bad guy.
  • Hopeful answer: You enjoyed it the first time and you’ll enjoy it even more now.
  • Hopeless answer: If you don’t read it, I’ll just sit at my desk and cry.


Long Time No See

So … How’s it going? It’s been awhile, huh? I hope you’re doing well. You look fantastic. Oh, what have I been up to? Well … I started dating again (yikes), I got a new job (hooray), and, through a series of serendipitous events, I sold the Princess of Twilight & Dawn series to MP Publishing. I know! I’m very excited too. The first book, which has been renamed The Uncovering, will be out on 9/10/2013.

Right now I’m working with my editor, Marthine Satris (she’s great, btw), to make the books even better. When all is said and done, it’ll be the same story, of course, but Marthine has given me a lot to think about. There could be some changes ahead for characters you thought you knew…

While this is great news for me, I can understand why you, the readers, may be a little peeved to learn that the last book won’t be coming in May as we all originally thought it would. I know I left you with a bit of a cliffhanger (pun intended) … and now you’ll be hanging from that cliff for kind of awhile. But hold on, my little chickadees! Don’t despair.

In the meantime, I thought it might be fun to write some short stories for you. So if there’s a scene you want to see or a character whose story you want to know, let me know about it in the comments. I’m going to (try to) write one short story a week … hopefully based on your ideas.