The Uncovering: the Ebook

On November 3, 2013 The Uncovering was released as an ebook. So although you’ll have to wait until 12/10 to buy the actual, physical book, you can go over to right now and buy it for your kindle. (As I mentioned before, it’s a different book than it used to be. It’s better. I admit it.)

If you read the earlier version, which you lovingly remember as Tab Bennett and the Inbetween and you don’t plan to read the new one, maybe you can go over to Amazon and write a review for me telling new folks how much you loved reading it. (If you hated reading it, kindly disregard this message.)

In other news, the second book in the series, The Delving, is will be out in the middle of April. You can pre-order it now if you like. I’m not sure when the third book will be out, but I’ll let you know as soon as I do.


2 thoughts on “The Uncovering: the Ebook

    • I swear to you, it was there this morning. I know because I obsessively check Amazon every morning to see its ranking. It’s a mystery. I’d guess, and this is just a guess, that it’ll also be available of 12/10. I’ll find out though and let you folks know.

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