The Unicorn

I just found out, via the world’s most reliable source for information, by which I meant Pinterest, that Scotland’s national animal is the Unicorn. I checked on Wikipedia, the world’s second most reliable source for information, and sure enough, this:


Does it even matter if it’s true? It doesn’t, right? And even if it’s not true, let’s just agree that it is. Because I want it to be true. I want to live in a world where the unicorn, symbol of purity, beauty, magic, and innocence, is the animal a nation chooses to represent its spiritual self.

I’m sure there’s a reason of serious, historical importance, one that has nothing to do with the Smendrick the Magician, the Red Bull, or this butterfly, why a nation best known for enjoying a savory pudding made of sheep organs stuffed into an animal’s stomach and boiled for three hours made this particularly dainty choice but, just this once, let’s ignore it.

Scotland is now my favorite country in the world.

Finally, to those of you who are snickering right now because of this definition of unicorn, get your minds out of the gutter!!




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