The Edge of the Universe

Sorry about that time I fell off the edge of the universe and didn’t say anything to you guys for weeks on end. Here’s what I’ve been thinking about while we were apart:

  • Underneath will be available on on 12/1/12. That will give you 20 days to read it before the end of the world. Tab Bennett and the Inbetween will be free on on the 11/29 and 11/30. Tell your friends.
  • I’m clear on the purpose of the period, but all other punctuation is basically a mystery to me. Colon? Semi-colon? And don’t get me started on commas. Anyway, because of my casual relationship with grammar, I feel a bit awkward suggesting new marks I can misuse, but I can’t resist the interrobang. I suggest we all start incorporating it into everything we write immediately. Let’s use the snark mark too, but judiciously.
  • Ever since the lovely and talented CM Albert pointed it out to me, the Evanescence  song My Heart is Broken has become the Underneath theme song. It’s a great song in a mellowdramatic, end of the world, everything is darkness kind of way.
  • Over at, Lee recently made a list of 5 things she’s obsessed with which got me thinking about five things I’m obsessed with right now. They are listed here for your consideration:
    Once Upon a Time: Specifically Mr. Gold. Are there even other characters on that show, deary?
    Tattoos: I have 2 but I want one more.
    Gingerbread Houses
    Scramble with Friends: Let me know if you wanna play with me
    Mercedes Thompson: Don’t know why it took me so long to find these books but I’m glad I did.
  • NaNoWriMo 2012: Two words – spectacular failure. If you want to read a few bits and pieces of my project, Nothingmore, click here.
  • I am completely out of blog topics. I’ve looked at some of the 3 million lists of topics out there on the web and they all say, “don’t talk about yourself” or “be an expert on your topic” or “do a book review.” But the only thing I’m an expert about is my myself, and that is a shaky expertise at best. And I don’t want to do book reviews. If there’s an issue you’d like me to address or something you’d like to know, please leave me a note in the comments.

9 thoughts on “The Edge of the Universe

  1. I love hearing about you! You are what makes your books so great. I would use the tips for tips, but nothing else. lol If you quit writing about what you’re doing and what you like, don’t like and etc… I will miss it alot. Do you have another book in the works, you say? How’s that for structure and punctuation. I break every rule in the book. when I used to write for Judges, I used everything according to the rules. Now, it’s my rules. lol I use commas and … for every pause I take inside my head while typing. If it weren’t for the pauses, I couldn’t write.
    I hope you keep in touch when you’re not too busy. 🙂 Tell me more about castles.

    • If commas aren’t for showing on paper where you’d pause to take a breath if you were talking, then Kim, I have no idea what they’re for….which means I have no idea what they’re for. I’m going to find some more friends with castles to tell you about. Can’t wait to hear what you think about Underneath!!

      • If I won the lottery I would buy a castle. (smile) Is that better than 🙂 ? If I don’t do that how will anyone know I’m smiling? lol I can’t wait to read Underneath.

  2. Well hi there, Miss Fell-off-the-face-of-the-universe! I think any of us with half an ounce of compassion can appreciate the fact that you’re doing NaNoWriMo (that ALONE is enough of an excuse!), and gearing up for Underneath’s release (did I say WOOHOO enough yet!? Can you tell I’m a fan of INDIVIDUAL !’s and ?’s and not a stupid blended one!?). And don’t you just hate when people OVER cap to make a point?) By the way, as a complete editorial snob, I totally want to punch whoever came up with any one of those punctuation marks in the throat. (Seriously.) There’s a reason they haven’t caught on. Because they all pretty much suck. That, and technology has totally robbed us of good punctuation (especially when we’re forced to condense thoughts to 140 characters or less. Guess who gets robbed? Awesome punctuation, that’s who!). Not to mention that our communications run rampant with emoticons ;), LOL’s, C U L8TR’s, and other “cute” ways to express the same emotion some of those other punctuation marks are trying to <3. But I LOVE that you got me so fired up about puncutation at 11 o'clock at night! Woo, doggy! Im so glad you fell in love with My Heart is Broken as much as I did. When I heard it, I could just totally see Tab in the Underneath with all this turmoil and pain and passion and grief. That's alot for one song, but it fits! You must be so excited to get Underneath out there and start hearing what readers think. They will LOVE it! Good luck, lady and keep it cool. (And Kim's right. We come to your blog because we like your voice and we like you. So go ahead, talk about you!)

    • And here’s my karma for being such an editorial snob — an errant parentheses in the paragraph above. Can you find it? (It’s really just an 11 pm grammar pop-quiz!) Oy vey, this Momma needs some sleep!

  3. Jes, I’m obsessed with tattoos, too. I don’t have one though. Must take the plunge. Maybe I’m a wimp? Also, Mercy Thompson? One of my favorite series. You have to read the Alpha and Omega spinoff too!

    • Let’s go get tattoos together! It’s important to have someone there to hold your hand when you try to run away. I wasn’t aware of the Alpha & Omega spinoff series. I’m so glad you told me about them.

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