Fight, F-ck, or Forever?

After a long, ugly week packed with unwelcome surprises, ridiculous realizations, and passive aggressive conversations, it’s finally Friday. In celebration of that fact, let’s play that game where you have to pick which one of a group of three you’d want to fight, which one you’d like to f-ck, and which one you’d want forever. I’ll go first.

Tab Bennett and the Inbetween: George, Matt, and Francis are all very dear to my heart. It’s hard for me to play favorites but I will because those are the rules of the game. I’d fight Matthew. Frankly, I think he needs a good beating. I’d f-ck Francis because maybe working off some of that anger would be good for him. I’d spend forever with George because he is funny, adorable, and supportive. And, as you’ll find out in Underneath, he’s a really good kisser.
Vampire Diaries:
I would fight Stefan – to the death. STOP whining already, Stefan. We get it. You’re super sensitive and tortured. Good for you. I would f-ck Klaus because he’s got that lunatic fringe thing going on and I find myself drawn to it even though I know I shouldn’t be. And, of course, I would spend forever with Damon. Partly because he’s like a sad, little puppy who just wants someone to love him, partly because I find Ian Somerhalder incredibly hot, and partly because he gets to say great lines like, “I always kill the messenger. You know why? Because it sends a message.” (In terms of the second string players, I’d fight Jeremy, f-ck Tyler and spend forever with Matt.)
First I’d fight Sam, then I’d give him the haircut he so desperately needs. It’s time Sammy. It’s time. I’d f-ck Castiel even though he’s an angel…or maybe because he is. I’d spend forever with Dean (see also Forever with Damon).
Sookie Stackhouse Mysteries by Charlaine Harris: Fight Bill, f-ck Eric (duh), and spend forever with Sam.
Once Upon a Time: Fight Prince Charming primarily because he’s not at all charming and I hate false advertising. I’d f-ck Mr. Gold (there’s a certain appeal there). Given the remaining choices, I’d spend forever with Snow / Mary Margaret.
The Night Huntress Series by Jeannine Frost: Fight Bones, f-ck Ian, forever with Spade. Although, I have to admit, this arrangement feels fluid to me. I’d be happy with almost any combination. Mencheres in the wild card position.
Twilight Saga (the movies): I’d definitely fight Emmett, f-ck Jasper (even though he has crazy eyes) and spend forever with Edward.

Okay, now it’s your turn. Kindly head to the comments to share your thoughts, suggest another trio, or mock my taste in men.

6 thoughts on “Fight, F-ck, or Forever?

  1. Okay, can I change my options or do I HAVE to play by the rules? I’d want to f-ck George, because as you said, he’s a great kisser. I have a feeling he’d be good at other things too. That said, my Dad’s name is George, so that might kill the mood quite fast. I’d want to fight Francis. You know why. And who I’d want forever? The other F character coming out 12/1. Oh, baby. I’m team F. Hot, hot, hot.

    • I’ll allow a substitution in your case (because yuck. there’s no way that could work.) Especially since I so heartily agree with your write-in candidate. I love Finn too. Not as much as I love Alex, but almost that much.

  2. Awesome. I only follow some of these shows and books, but:

    VD – I’d fight Matt (I might actually be able to take him), f8ck Tyler (I know they’re both minor characters, but Tyler’s awesome and I suspect Michael Trevino might actually be a halfway decent actor), and forever Alaric (how I miss him).
    Supernatural – forever Dean, the rest is details
    Jeaniene Frost – fight Ian, f*ck Vlad, and forever Bones, no question.

    • You’re only following some of these shows and books, but it’s the right ones. Double points to you.

      Alaric! How sad was that moment where Damon was saying goodbye to him at the grave? You may have a point about Tyler. Also, you’re totally right about Dean. And finally, Vlad! How could I forget Vlad when I love him best of all?

  3. Am I the only one who thinks Robbin is hot? He would be all three of my F’s . And I know those aren’t the rules but rules are meant to be broken! 🙂

    • I love Robbin too, Lee. But you and I may be the only ones. Did I ever tell you that when I started writing about Tab, I thought Robbin was going to be the “one” for her? Alex was supposed to be a complication but he turned out to be the love of her life. Sometimes my characters get away from me a little. = )

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