Word Clouds

I have a fairly serious obsession with word clouds. I love the way they turn sentences into pictures and chapters into works of art. I love the way they take ideas, all serious and heavy and full of meaning, and turn them into soft wisps of air.

This is the word cloud for Underneath. It’s a veritable treasure trove of information if you know what you’re looking for. Here’s what sticks out for me:

  • the word said is the biggest word because I use it a lot. A lot. I like the word said – to me it’s where the story stops to take a breath.
  • unlike in the Inbetween word cloud (see below) Alex’s name is much bigger than Robbin’s but there’s only word in the whole cloud that’s bigger than Finn.
  • the phrases “blood magic” and “Dark Alex” and “see darkness turned.” Hmm…foreshadowing? Could be.

That’s the word cloud for Inbetween. In it, I see the aforementioned affinity for “said” and the phrases “love two” and “being both.” Although this cloud was generated randomly, those are pretty much the central themes of the book. I know! It’s like magic isn’t it?

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