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This is from an author interview I did with Lee from Great questions made for a really fun interview. (Read the rest of it here.)

Lee: Did you have a playlist that helped you write Tab Bennett?  If so, what were some of the tracks?

Jes: I’m way too easily distracted to listen to music when I’m writing, but I do use it to get inspired. A lot of times I’ll be driving along in my car with my IPod playing and an idea for a scene or a sentence or a conversation for whatever I’m working on will pop up in my head. If I’m alone, sometimes I’ll actually have the conversation out loud, acting out both sides of it. These are some of the songs that inspired me while I was writing Tab Bennett and the Inbetween:

Flogging Molly’s If I Ever Leave this World Alive: There’s a confrontation late in the book between Tab and Nicholas that this song inspired.

Harvey Danger’s Terminal Annex: If you are angry at someone, this song will help you get angrier. Best lyric: “You complain about an overflowing cup? Don’t forget that I’m the one who filled that f–ker up.” This is Tab’s feisty side.

Tom Petty’s Wildflowers: All the conversations Tab and Alex have early in the book when they’re getting to know each other could have this playing in the background.

Blind Melon’s Change

Social Distortion’s King of Fools: This is Alex’s song.

Jeff Buckley’s Last Goodbye: This is Robbin’s heartbreak song. I don’t think this is the kind of music he’d listen to, but the lyrics would resonate with him for sure: “This is our last embrace. Must I dream and always see your face?”

Johnny Cash’s Five Feet High and Rising: There’s something about the chuckle in Johnny Cash’s voice when he’s singing, “We can make it to the road in our homemade boat. That’s the only thing we’ve got left that’ll float,” that sounds like optimism and resilience to me. Those qualities totally remind me of Tab. She gets knocked down a lot but she always gets back up.

Nick Drake’s Pink Moon: If there was a movie soundtrack, this would be the song that’s playing right at the beginning when Tab is planting flowers and her sister is dying. Listen to the lyrics and its pretty, tinkling melody takes on a slightly more sinister tone.

Coldplay’s The Scientist: Tell me your secrets and ask me your questions.

REM’s You Are The Everything: This song makes me 16 again. Makes me the kind of desperately in love that only teenagers and fictional characters are capable of.

So there they are a few of my musical inspirations. You can feel free to start making fun of my taste in music now. Go on. Or head down to the comments and tell me what song Inbetween makes you think of.


4 thoughts on “Inbetween & Underneath: the Soundtrack

    • I’m glad you liked it. I recently realized the only new music I know is what I hear on Glee so please feel free to return the favor before I officially turn into one of those old people who’s always yelling about music “back in my day.” I’m right on the edge. Two days ago I caught myself telling my 6 year old that there’s no such thing as alternative music anymore, not like we used to have on 120 minutes…. = )

      I’ll have to get the Underneath play list up here next.

  1. I love this song by Flogging Molly! Good minds… 🙂 You should check out More Time by NEEDTOBREATHE. Awesome. I see a little Evanescence for some of the scenes in the Underneath. Specifically listen to My Immortal & Bring me to Life from the Fallen CD and My heart is broken off their self-titled album. I so want to see Tab come to life on the big screen! Can hear the soundtrack now!

    • Thank you!! People never take me seriously when I tell them I want musical recommendations. I’m listening to Evanescence right now and it’s a perfect PERFECT fit.

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