First Look Challenge: Nothingmore

Today the very talented Ally Malinenko tagged me for the First Look Challenge, which essentially means she invited me to look through my Work in Progress for the first use of the word look and then share the scene around it. My current WIP is Nothingmore. It’s in very early stages (like a literary embryo) but it’s going to be a novella (I think) that will come after Underneath but before whatever comes next. I don’t want to give too much away (especially since I don’t know that much yet) but it’s going to focus on a couple from the Princess of Twilight & Dawn series – one i feel needs to have their story told.

This passage is from the prologue.

They say the fall from the Ridge of Sorrows is endless but that’s not true. Everything ends eventually, even that.

You will fall for a long time. For what feels like miles and miles. It will all happen very slowly, giving you time to look around. Time to watch the life you are falling away from flash before your eyes, like the in-flight movie on the way to certain death. Time to think – or cry or pray – before you reach the bottom.

Sooner or later you will feel yourself speed up, falling faster than before, which means it’s almost over. You will brace for impact even though you’re certain you’re going to be smashed and broken anyway. Right before you hit, something will stop you, slow you, magic probably. You will land softly in the dust, almost as if you had been gently placed instead of dropped. You will be lying, unbroken but heartsick, at the bottom of a cavern in a round room. Ten doors, not a one of them labeled, without a clearly marked exit among them, line the walls. Without being told, you will know you must pick one and go through.

You will wonder which door is the right door, if red is better than blue or green or steel. Pick a door and go through it. It doesn’t matter which one. They all lead to the same place.

They all lead to Nothingmore.

So there it is. A very preliminary piece of my next book. As always, I’m curious to know what you think.


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