Sonya ♥s Leonard: A Drabble

Sonya had bad taste in men. She couldn’t help it. Something about bad boys intrigued her. She knew the distance they kept was a defense mechanism, the anger in their eyes a mask to hide the pain. She wanted to save them – from themselves, from women who didn’t understand them, from the world that had been so careless with their delicate hearts. Her friends didn’t understand the attraction. Couldn’t see in any of them the things that were so obvious to Sonya. They’d hated poor Harry. Been awful to Luke.
Photo by Bill Wadman
Still, she had to admit they were right about Leonard.

In case you were wondering, A drabble is an extremely short work of fiction of exactly one hundred words in length, not necessarily including the title.The purpose of the drabble is brevity, testing the author’s ability to express interesting and meaningful ideas in an extremely confined space. Wanna Play? Feel free to leave your own drabble in the comments.

This picture was taken by Bill Wadman and is used here with his permission.
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