Six Sentence Sunday

I had so much fun doing Six Sentence Sunday a few weeks ago that I decided to do it again. This time I’ve chosen six sentences from Tab Bennett and the Inbetween.

And that’s when I completely lost touch with reality. Before I knew what was happening his mouth was on mine and my legs had wrapped around his waist like it was their habit. He turned so he could hold me caged between his body and the front door, his hand sliding up to cup my breast, to tease my nipple through the soft white lace of my bra.

I didn’t think about anything but him; nothing else mattered.The fact that my cousins and my grandfather, not to mention my fiancé, were all watching me dry hump a stranger at my sister’s funeral in front of everyone we knew didn’t stop me from liking it when he began nuzzling my neck.

Visit to see who else is participating this week. There are lots of great excerpts from lots of talented writers.

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