On a Visit…Again

What can I say? I have a restless soul. Sometimes I just want to go. Go anywhere. Change up the geography a little. Do you ever get that? It used to be when I got this way I’d pack everything I owned into my dad’s mini van and move to a new city. Now, what with the two kids and dog to think of, I just blog hop. If you’re looking for me, I’m visiting Paranormal Haven. today.  We’re talking about bird omens and superstitions. You should come by and say hello.

PS: Do any of you know the song Moving Target by Christine Lavin? (I see you’ve got your hand raised, Cassy.) How about anyone else? It’s a really good song. It goes like this “She’s a moving target, She prefers it that way. He sees her profile east and west, a boarding pass with her name.”


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