I ♥ Dean Winchester

Have I mentioned my deep, deep love for (the WB or is it CW’s) Supernatural? I haven’t? Are you sure? Because dear God, I love that show. Even though I firmly believe it should have ended with season five’s finale** – the perfect “Swan Song” – it’s still my favorite thing on TV. There are a lot of reasons why I like it, but it’s mostly because I love Dean Winchester. (Sam Schmam.) What can I say? I’m a sucker for a guy with staggering emotional problems and a worn leather jacket. Also there’s something about the way he says “son of a bitch” that I find utterly delightful. It doesn’t hurt that Jensen Ackles (Do you think his friends call him Jen? I hope they do.) is so very nice to look at. And that voice. Don’t get me started on that voice. Anyway, the other night I was writing (well 60% writing and 40% poking around on the internet) and I discovered that Jen (I’m calling him Jen now) plays the guitar and sings. I don’t want to go all fangirl on you here but all I can say is “Squeeee!”

**You can argue with me about this if you want but seriously, watch that episode again and tell me it’s not the perfect ending to a show that’s always been more about sacrifice and brotherly love than preventing the Apocalypse. Chuck’s voiceover. Cas’s first swear-word (which was ass-butt). The series could have ended right there – with Sam in hell and Dean happy – and I would have been completely satisfied.



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