The Love Triangle: An Informal Poll

People keep asking me who Tab ends up with –  Robbin or Alex. This is a terrifying question because the truth is, just between you, me, and the series of tubes we call the world wide web, I have no idea. Sometimes I think it’s definitely Alex. But sometimes Robbin is so sweet and angry and sexy I begin to think it might be him – in spite of all the baggage. But then I don’t know because I have a sense that Alex has a lot going on that we just haven’t really had a chance to get into yet. And he certainly doesn’t lack for sexy…

I’m never this conflicted. It was very easy for me to decide I am a Team Edward, Team Eric, Team Damon kind of girl. And Logan or Piz? Come on, is there even a debate there?

It’s usually so clear to me. But not this time. So I thought I’d ask around. See what some of you are thinking. It won’t change how things end up for Tab and her small but devoted team of love interests, but I’m curious. So if you’ve read the book and picked a favorite, I’d love to know who and why. Stop by the comments and let me know.


PS: Write-in candidates are also welcome.

PPS: You think Tab’s love life is complicated now, just wait until book 2.



5 thoughts on “The Love Triangle: An Informal Poll

  1. Robbin is a sexy beast, but it’s just too creepy that he was Tab’s mom’s lover.

  2. I agree with Kim. You should never date someone your mom dated. Kinda gross! He isn’t her father but he could have been. I am totally team Alex! Go Alex!

  3. Literally just finished book 1 and was trawling the web to find your web presence.

    Really enjoyed the story, character development/arc and writing. Very much looking forward to discovering how you further the story.

    re the love interest – given the fact Robbin (or is that Puck) was THE love of Tab’s mom’s life – haven’t yet bought into Tab and Robbin. Alex is constantly hinting at further (as yet unstated) motivations – so really just very interested to go along for the ride.

    • That was a very subtle hint, Lee. = ) I’ll just say a lot can happen over the course of a book or two and leave it at that.

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